Automill Solutions

Production planning & scheduling module

  • Imports orders into production forecast from client database or financial system.
  • Daily/weekly planner in a forecast for production planning.
  • Production schedule showing all planned orders to be manufactured.
  • Pre-check window to ensure all criteria are met before manufacturing starts (enough stock available, hand-adds completed, pelleter or final product bins, routes selected, etc.)
  • Runs in auto mode to minimise time wastage between loading different orders.
  • Integrated with batching PLC system:
    • Setpoint per raw material
    • Actuals after batching per raw material
    • Kairos protocol for data validation and integrity
  • Reporting:
    • Batch reports: per batch/per order/per finished goods
    • Production-summary reports
    • Raw-material usage reports
    • Medicine and premix reports
Production Precheck
Production Forecast
Production Schedule