Automill Solutions

Batching module

  • The AutoMill batching module revolutionises batching control for feedmills through accurate batching as well as tightly integrated data management.
  • AutoMill batching blocks provide exceptional accuracy and maximum throughput via the plant.
  • Tight integration of batching blocks to the production planning and scheduling module to ensure accurate and reliable data, as well as seamless info transfer from plant to database.
  • Batching and routing info such as batch times, mixing times and transfer times from one position to the next gives better visibility and info to help optimise the batching process.
  • Intuitive user interfaces (SCADA) deliver fast troubleshooting or instrument info.
  • Alarms and alerts feature functionality for all faulty conditions, levels, motor trips and more.
  • Motor and instrument pop-ups with parameters and settings assist with troubleshooting and process fine-tuning.
  • AutoMill’s Kairos Protocol has an outstanding track record, ensuring reliable and true info storage in the AutoMill database.
  • Visibility and key info sharing are part of the aspects that put AutoMill’s batching system ahead of the pack.
SCADA Example
SCADA Example